Generate QR code as internal extension without sending email


Hi All …
Can I display QR code of GD Wave for new extension in UMC 6108 without sending email to user.
I want to use my iPhone as internel extension in same LAN of UMC6108 no external … Thanks


I don’t think we can do that.


Then…I can only register my iphone as simple sip account in GD wave app.
Are there problems in register in UMC …for example …(need zero config ,other configuration …)?


You need to set up the UCM with SMTP settings in order for the UCM to generate and send the welcome email after the extension has been created.

The QR code is then able to be used via email only. No other way to be able to retrieve it, unless you send another welcome message.


the Grandstream QR code system isnt like 3cx