General Settings / Extension Ranges


Hi dears,

I notice that if I like to configure only one extension for a certain extension range (start/end extension numbers are the same), this is not possible.

Example: Fax Extension from 99 to 99

Is this per design or a bug?

If it is per design, please change the text in “Fax Extension” to “Fax Extensions”



I think it’s a deliberate thing, the term range identifies a beginning and an end normally,
you can always do 98 to 99 and then you only use one of the two.


Hi, I think beginning/end should be allowed to be the same if only one extension number is desired. Think about the setup of port forwarding in a router, you expect it this way (not to forward the port and port+1).

This way I can setup ranges more readable and remember them later :wink: