General Comment - kudos to the dev team


Hey all,

I’ve just installed the beta software on the GWN7000 (Firmware and the latest firmware on the GWN7610 ( Running with GWN Cloud.

I know, it’s not going to be perfect. No need to take the wind out of my sail. But, the numbers of times I said “wow, this is really working”, “wow”, “I can’t believe how well this is going”, was approaching silly.

It is Friday night, I’m hopped up on cola, staying up late (1:00 am here) and running with scissors. I figured, it’s a perfect time to possibly ruin my network.

Super glad I took the time to get all the pieces in line. Oh, and I’ve installed the GWN Cloud app on my Android phone (haven’t tested iPhone yet). It’s also nice but, I’m not sure where I’m going to use this yet. MIght be the kind of thing I install on the business owners phone so they can feel like they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the network. At least having the ability to see who’s hogging the bandwidth would be nice for them to see.

There’s still a lot I haven’t played with, but things like the captive portal setup through GWN Cloud being so great just made my day (well… night I guess).

Kudos to the dev team!


Thanks, costwisewpg, for you feedback!
Dev team will be very happy to here that.


You’re welcome.