Gdsm - Get Gxv3370 online


3370 is upgraded to .49 firmware. The phone looks to have web access can get to webpages in chrome. Are there settings that need to be made in the 3370 to get it to show online in Gdsm? Is it necessary to be a vendor with grandstream and have the mac addresses worked out with the phone home servers? Should under upgrade/config file, Use Grandstream GAPS be checked, or select https and use server path along with credentials?

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First start by creating your account on GDMS.

Then, under Devices, add your GXV via the MAC address and S/N.

The GDMS will configure the required settings on the GXV automatically, but it won’t simply appear magically.

It should turn green when successfully configured in the devices list.


Great, it looks like TR069 needed to be enabled. I saw from your other post about Gdms beta, it is online now and pushed settings. Sees the ip and public ip of the router. Not sure like you were saying what all those passwords are set to.


Yes TR069 is enabled and configured by GDMS. Username and password look to be MAC and S/N.


It looks like TR069 was configured by gdms, I did have to enable TR069 though the phone showed offline in gdms for a few days until I enabled TR069 in the phone web interface.


What firmware do you have on the GXV?


IMHO, this is a problem as GDMS needs to be Zero-Touch on the device if it is to reach it potential.


It is on . It wasn’t mentioned in the admin guide yet that I saw, but if it should happen by default.


Should the S/N be all upper case when entering it into gdms? That was another thing I had changed, I had entered lower case the 1st time. I removed and readded the same phone.


I see where it mentions to turn TR-069 on in the admin guide now.


Normally, TR-069 will be enabled automatically by GDMS.

The S/N case is not important, it should work anyway.


@meierj, try following what I did here and let us know if it works.


Okay thank you, it was online immediately after factory resetting and adding the device in gdms. I had TR069 shut off when first adding it a few days ago.


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