GDS37xx Door Phones


When going through the manual, it does not list the GDS37xx phones as part of GDMS’s future. Was that an omission or by design?


They will probably be supported later as they add phone series progressively.

I hope they support HT8xx and GWX4xxx.


I am hoping for an answer from Grandstream so I am not working on assumptions. Yes I know, their answer will also be an assumption, but at least I can then say “but you stated…”.


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

GDMS platform will support HT8XX and GXW4XXX series products in the future release soon。

For GDS products, we currently do not have plan to support this series, and we will collect the feedback from users and evaluate this request in the future.

Thank you!


My feedback is that it is my hope that Grandstream will allow me to manage and monitor ALL my Grandstream devices from a “single pane of glass” -> GDMS.

This would allow me to provide the best service I can to all my Grandstream clients while minimizing the number of places I have to go to customize things from the get-go and throughout the product life cycle.


Exactly same problem i have. No one will split management to 2 sites, it is not wise at all.


Dear drostoker/Marcin,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

We will gradually increase the supported device models and products in the future release, and try to support all devices to facilitate users to use and manage our devices.

Thank you!