GDS3750 alarm inputs


I am planning a deployment in four apartment buildings. It would use 4 GDS3710, and a total of circa 250 GSC3570.

It would be great to be able to utilize the alarm in ports of the device - som my questions are:

Is it possible to use alarm inputs for

  1. Door bell, so when pressed the device will sound a ding ding. I.e. the GDS will call from the downstairs door, but there will also be a button just outside the apartment door. Would be great if that could trigger a bell sound in the device so we won’t need one more device.

  2. Central fire alarm, so when triggered the device sounds like a fire alarm. In the hallway on each floor there is a digital fire alarm that triggers a siren. It would be great if the digital alarm could also trigger the GSC3570 with a fire alarm siren/ringing sound.



Here are the answers:

  1. Yes. If wiring the doorbell button directly into the GSC3570 DI port and do the related software configuration, the GSC3570 can play doorbell sound once the outside button pressed. But this implementation only good for single family house or villa, one to one mapping or peering only. If it is apartment building and multiple GSC3570 in multiple apartment but with GDS3710 in the door, then configure “Virtual Number” to be apartment number and visitors calling the “room number” to ringing the related GSC3570 in different room, you can configure the GSC3570 to play DING DONG when GDS3710 calling in, and the GSC3570 will display the video before call answered (if configured correctly), and answer the call press the virtual open door button will open the apartment entry door outside. Still in this application case, you can configure/wiring so the GDS3710 will call the related GSC3570 to open the entry door, and press doorbell when guest enter the apartment in front of the room by pressing the doorbell button/swith at the door to let GSC3570 playing DING DONG to advise owner guest is outside the door already so approach the door to “manually” open it, or press button to open it if this door is also controlled by a strike wired into the GSC3570.

  2. Yes, if the digital alarm can trigger a voltage change and wired into the GSC3570 as another DI Input, then you can configure the GSC3570 to play siren sound when this input or switch happens or activated.

Details please refer to GSC3570 User Manual and HOWTO Guide in the document centers of the product website. You can also open a support ticket in the HELPDESK to get helps from support engineer if you have further questions.

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Thanks for the response.

Seems like this would work as we want. Can you point me to where in the manual I can find how to set different sounds to different alarm input triggers, thanks!


Here is the User Manual:
Just search “doorbell” you will find the related page. (I hate there is no PDF format also no page number listed) in this new document center. Something like: Using GSC3570 as Doorbell and Door opener

For different sound, you need to make your own sound clip using the required format, the upload to GSC3570 via webUI.

Here are some HOWTO guide for your information:

Hope this helps. Feel free to post or open ticket in HELPDESK if you have further questions.

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