GDS3710 with 3CX


Hi All,
Have the GDS3710 and trying to get it working with our local (LAN) 3CX PBX v15.5.
I have downloaded and used the unofficial 3CX / template to configure the doorphone.

I have set the doorphone to call my extension. Now when I press the doorbell on the GDS, my extension rings, but when I answer it, the GDS just beeps 3 times and the call is lost.

Odd things, if I have SIP Proxy Compatibility Mode unticked, calls won’t ring to my deskphone but the event logs will show my deskphone IP in place of the GDS. If it is ticked, my deskphone will ring and GDS will have IP of

Is there some setting that needs to be set in the GDS so it identifies itself correctly and calls connect at both ends?
Anything else to check?




If everything is local, I recommend enabling Direct IP calls and configure the GDS manually to dial your phone IP address directly.

Also, run a packet capture, this sounds like unsupported codec on one of the sides so the call is working. You should see it on a wireshark.


I’ve never had any issues using the 3710 with 3CX and the unofficial template. First of all what fw is the 3710 using and what model handsets are you using with 3CX


Thanks for replying…

Will give Direct IP call a go shortly, but this won’t work long term as I need the calls to go to a ring group to be answered by various staff etc.

Oddly enough, I just tested a call from my deskphone to the intercom and that works, can you have a codec mismatch one way only? Will get wireshark up to check still.

It was on the firmware, but can see a newer is available so just updated to that, and now reset to factory to restart testing. Most staff and I just use the 3CX softphone, and then some users also have a variety of Yealink handsets, mine currently is the T53W.
Do you mind sharing what options you have ticked/unticked under Phone Settings/Phone Settings, and or

Will post back updated results.


So, after updating to the latest firmware, factory resetting and letting 3CX reprovision the intercom, it is now working as expected.
I can make calls from the intercom to my ring group, or own extension and it doesn’t just hang up and beep 3 times.
Also, the video part is working as long as I use the 3CX webclient.

Just working my way through the access settings now to get that in place, and then ready to mount it so it can take over our failed intercom.

Thanks again for the input.

Also for future 3CX users ref, the unofficial templates are at -
You can get the 3CX templates at
Install the GDS template and provision the doorphone



From memory the release notes for the 3710 mention one or even two resets after some fw upgrades which would seem to be consistent with what you post.
As for video the GDS includes a “CALL-INFO” header where the URL from which handset will get the image in order to display the JPEG stream on the LCD however the 3CX server doesn’t forward the CALL-INFO. Hence video will only work on video handsets such as the GXV and on the webclient. As far as I remember video won’t work on the 3CX app either


Yes, it mentions doing a factory reset.
We don’t have handsets with colour screens anyway, so that wouldn’t work, and it seems the 3CX softphone doesn’t have the right codecs either, and the webclient seems to work as it uses any codec the browser has (Chrome) which has every codec under the sun it seems.
There was some discussions in the 3CX forums about them adding in the codecs into the windows/mobile apps but licensing costs etc seem to be the issue.

I may get a few GXV handsets to use for specific staff that answer more door calls and see how that works.

Thanks again