GDS3710 v1.0.5.6 with GXV3370 v1.0.1.54 cannot open door1 and door2 with GDS integration section



yesterday i’ve updated to the latest fw a GDS3710 to v1.0.5.6 and a GXV3370 to v1.0.1.54 for opening both doors with the OSD button integration but for both buttons i receive an error: Authorization failed.

I’ve tried to remove and re-add the GDS entry on the GXV3370 but the problem persists.

How can I solve?



There is a “bug”.
Go to sip account 1 and change it port to 5062.
After upgrade default account go to SIP2 with 5060 but at same time sip1 also have 5060.
Solution: re register SIP account to 1 or set ports correctly (no same port on all accounts).


none, i’ve tried only to change the sip port of account 1 (not in use) to 5062 and the problem persists.

i’ve tried to move the sip2 account to sip1 using the sip1 port 5060, sip2 port 5068 (sip3 and 4 at default values and not in use) but the problem persists.

between test i’ve rebooted the gds3710.

so, how can i solve?


Catch packets on GXV maybe we can see something there.
Also syslog from GDS could be good so we can see why GDS do not open.


Try factory reset the GDS3710 and reconfigure it again to see what happens. In old firmware only 1 SIP account, now adding to 4 SIP account and previous 1 primary SIP falls into Account 2. The correct port for 4 SIP account should be from Account 1 to 4: 5060, 5062, 5064, 5066. If you manually change it, make sure there are no duuplication of port.

Please advise the result. Thank you for using GDS3710!


we cannot do this.
we don’t have time.

it’s your stuff on testing new fw before a public release.


i’ll try to factory reset GDS and GXV.

The GXV now in case of incoming call from GDS doesn’t show the video, only audio!!!

  1. GDS3710 added 4 SIP accounts support, the previous default account becomes Account 2 by default. We changed primary account from 2 to 1 due to we must synchronize P Value in This is not a bug, but more a new feature added and re-arrangement. Remember GDS3710 initially support only 1 SIP account.
  2. To change this, you can either manually swap the local port 5062, 5060; or perform a factory reset.
  3. To perform factory reset, you can back up and export all your configuration to computer, then restore or import back. If the back up file is from old firmware, after restore you MIGHT need to manually change the port mentioned above depending on what firmware you upgrade from. This is due to P value change to synchronize ITSP provisioning requirement. This is ONE TIME change, you don’t need to adjust once the value is corrected.


  1. “Authentication failed” means the PIN is wrong. Did you make sure BOTH GDS3710 and the GXV3370 the Door1/Door2 PIN is matched?
  2. In GXV3370, go the “Account 1 => Call Settings” if you are using Account 1, change those default settings: “Remote Video Request => Accept”; “Auto Preview => Yes”.

Please read related product User Manual from our website and familiar with the products. QA testing is the standard procedure to release a firmware and we have surely done the testing before releasing anything.

The GXV3370 by default does not show video (due to privacy and legal requirement in some countries) unless you manually operate to agree it, to show the video automatically you have to change the above settings.

If you have more technical issue, please open a ticket in HELPDESK so some support engineers can help you out.

Again, thank you for using Grandstream products.


@fabioz: I don’t know whether the GXV3370 and GDS3710 are using IPPBX (e.g.: UCM) extension, or you are doing IP Peering (Direct IP Call).

If you are using Direct IP Call, then you have to wait for new firmware of GXV3370. Current firmware for GXV3370 only support SIP extensions and NOT support direct IP call open two doors. The new firmware will support it (will release soon, please check the release note). Please keep tuned. Thank you very much.