GDS3710 - Tone when doorbell button pressed


Hi guys,

Just wondering if there is a way to change the sound when the doorbell button is pressed. To be honest the “ding dong” is pretty horrible sounding. We used to have a different IP intercom that just played a “ring ring” sound as if from an internal extension.

So i’m either looking for a way for it to just emulate a normal extension to extension “ring ring” sound or a way to change the tone on the device.

I have tried Virtual Number and SIP Number under Call modes. The extension it calls when pressed is to a ring group within 3cx. Confirmed that it plays a “ring ring” sound when dialled internally.

We have the device setup on a 3CX PBX system, video feeds and sound etc working fine. It’s just this one issue thats kind of annoying. We need to install three more devices on our warehouse and for the sake of consistency we’d like to keep all the units the same, but it the sound cant be adjusted ill have to go back to the drawing board.

Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated.



Not sure if you can do it with 3CX
Go with 183 ring (from PBX) it will replace ding dong (at least it should).
You can also pickup call and froward it to ring group. This also should replace signal.

There is a plan for uploading ring in GDS but no firmware yet (as far i know).


Hi Marcin,

Thanks for your reply.

As far as i can tell 3CX has no option to change ring 183/180, so i think i’m out of luck there.

I tried your suggestion, I made the ring group ring for 1 second then transfer to another ring group but that still doesn’t work, and I can’t really see a way for it to dial an extension that auto picks up then forwards either.

Hopefully a firmware fix will come sooner rather than later.


Then go this:
IVR (drop asap) -> ring group. This will open call and force 3CX to sent ring to GDS.

You can also try using queue (it also pickup call and you can add music/ring for caller).


Hi again Marcin,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I just tried both and still no luck.

First i made the IVR option. I made an IVR and set it to transfer to ring group after 1 second on pickup. When pressing the button on the doorbell it still makes the “Ding Dong” sound then goes silent.

I then tried the que. Again, when pressing the doorbell it makes the “Ding Dong” sound then plays our standard hold music.

Tried these both with the Virtual Number setting on the device. Im not sure if SIP number would have the same outcome. Its almost as if the “Ding Dong” sound is played the instant you press the button and then it makes the SIP connection after the sound has played.


Then this 1 ding is not possible to avoid :frowning:
Rest is working ok (ring -> means that in 3CX there is no set hold music or whatever you call it, i thing 3cx have this option).


Yeah it would seem the only way to avoid the Ding sound is if there was a firmware option to change the tone. Even just a basic “ring ring” tone i think would be sufficient. I think it would be a great feature add on to have a drop down to select from “Ding Dong” or “Standard Ring Tone”


You need make ticket to GS if you want any feature added:


Thanks Marcin.

I have lodged a ticket


The firmware after will have feature to allow user upload own doorbell tone (has to follow some format and restriction thought). Please keep tuned.