GDS3710 switches off after some seconds



I tried to start my new GDS3710 today.
Connected the LAN cables and the GND and 12V connection using a Meanwell 12V Power supply (measured 12,05V).
After starting the power supply the diplay begins to shine blue, but after a few seconds I can hear a relais switching, the display stops shining and the GDS3710 seems to be off.
I can’t find it in the network.

Any ideas?




So you are using 3rd party Power Supply Unit. The DC is 12V no problem, what is the current the PSU can provided? The GDS3710 requires at least 12VDC, 1 A current. If the PSU cannot provide enough juice, it will not work.

Could you also connect the device to a PoE switch to rule out the PSU issue?

Did you download the GSSearch utility to find the GDS3710 in network if the network is using DHCP?

Hope this helps. Please advise. Thank you for using GDS3710!



Thanks for your fast reply.
The PSU can provide 3A, so should be no problem.

Ok, I will try to find a PoE switch and try again.
And I will also try the GSSearch utility.

I keep you informed!



unfortunately nothing helps.

  • tried another power supply --> same
  • tried a PoE injector --> same
  • tried to find the GDS3710 with the GS-Search tool --> nothing found

What to do now?



Florian, can you take the Door Phone off the wall and sit it down near you and plug it directly into the network where your computer is, eg to a known local port / switch.

If you see the unit on the network then you have a cabling issue where you took it from. If you dont see it then I would ask for Grandstreams help for them to fix it with you.


Amp rating of the power supply? If you push a button, what happens?