GDS3710: SIP question and RFID DESFire Reader question



Thinking about buying a GDS3710 for the IT Department entrance.

We are currently using DESFire cards and we wouldn’t like to have a second 125Khz card for unlocking the door entrance so an external RFID DESFire reader would be necessary.

I can see that GDS3710 supports Wiegand and RS485 expansions.

  1. which interface do you consider is better?
  2. any RFID Desfire reader is recommended?

I guess that the advanced encryption functions DESFire provides are not used and only the card’s UID is checked.

We don’t have Grandstream VoIP phones, we are currently using Yealink (no video), I guess they are fully compatible with audio, and we would be able to use some Desktop program to open the door remotely.



@alexpb: Answers to your questions:

  1. Wiegand interface as INPUT is only supported now, so any 3rd party DESFire Reader with Wiegand interface should work. Just configure it as INPUT to the GDS3710. You can configure to BYPASS mode if the reader itself can check the ID, or let GDS3710 to check the card ID by program those card ID inside GDS3710 in advance.

I just did some search in Amazon, device like this should work:

  1. The SIP call can work via either Direct IP (peer IP call, without IPPBX) or SIP extensions (IPPBX invloved). If 3rd party IP phone, just need to enable DTMF open door and make sure all the settings synchronized (like RFC2833 or SIP INFO). Yes, fully compatible with audio (audio codec matched). If you have 3rd party video SIP phone, the video might work if configured correctly. (we knew it works with Cisco and Ploycom) but no guaranteed.

You can configure open door snapshot either via email or upload to your FTP server.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your interest to GDS3710.


OK, thank you for your answer.

If we use a Wiegand DESFire Reader with no keypad and let the GDS3710 do the card’s ID check…
Please confirm if other options like making the user input a PIN code (in GDS3710 keypad) when we set the schedule to do so, for example after 6 PM.