GDS3710 single digit virtual number not working


Hi! I’m configuring a residential setup and I have the following problem.

I’ve created 3 Ring Groups in the UCM: 610 rings first floor, 620 rings the second and 600 rings everything.

The GDS is in virtual number mode and the doorbell button is configured to call 600. The card management table is populated with entries for each internal extension, each one with a virtual number equal to the real extension number (3 digits extensions) and until here everything is working fine.

Then I added two new entries with virtual numbers 1 and 2 respectively mapped to 610 and 620, but the GDS doesn’t makes the call! It beeps twice. Are single digit virtual numbers not allowed or I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you very mucho for your help!


1 is fine, unless you set wrong.
Also make sure if call is ok ?