GDS3710 reboot/resync via sip notify



I was not able to reboot or resync remotely GDS3710 phone via sip notify.
Looking in config template, don’t see a ‘Disable SIP NOTIFY Authentication’ option like we have for other models.
There is a ‘Allow Reset via SIP NOTIFY’ option there(P15476), but it a reset option, not reboot.

Anyone had a such an experience?


@mikedaut: Which firmware you are referring to? This feature is just implemented in, which is BETA now and can be downloaded from Grandstream website:

The P value is P15476, as show below:

Allow Reset via SIP NOTIFY
## P15476
## value: 0/1    (0:Disable default  1:Enable)

I attached the related configuration template for your usage.

Please advise whether this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!