GDS3710 randomly stops accepting valid PINs


New to the grandstream stuff, recently installed a GDS3710 in a small daycare. Parents have a PIN number they all share to get in front door to pick up their children. Teachers have rfid cards.

Complaint: randomly the intercom will not accept valid PIN number. Will not open the door. When this is happening, the rfid cards will still work. I arrived to look at this one time just after it had happened, so I looked at the event log and it shows no log of the PIN entry attempts. It does show the card swipe and entry in between the PIN attempts.

Question: does this GDS3710 have an incorrect PIN number lockout after a number of incorrect attempts? I can’t find a mention of this anywhere, but my thought was that a parent had put in the wrong code too many times and it locks out the pin entry for x minutes or something?


What is the firmware version you referred here? Yes, the device indeed has wrong PIN lock out, can even sending out alarm if configured. Please check “Alarm Settings -> Alarm Events Config” section.

The design of the GDS3710 private PIN is associated with RFID card. In the card management database, the private PIN is associated in the DB record there.

When you saying teachers having RFID, I assume all teachers have private PIN either. So when you configure GDS3710 “Local PIN to Open Door” in the “Basic Setting” , which mode you selected? “Unified PIN; Private PIN, or Card & Private PIN”?

If you are using Private PIN, then the United PIN will NOT work (Unified PIN means everyone sharing the same PIN, not good in your application scene).

For your application scene, I recommend you “Add User” to those parents so they will have their own private PIN (for example, using student Birth Day, etc.) The Card Number must be unique so you can create your own random number here but NOT give RFIC card to them (RFID card only give to teachers. But of course, you can sell the RFID card to parents as another option). You can ask owner of the daycare center using GDSManger to manager the parents list and synchonized to GDS3710 for easy management giving the student/parents can vary frequently.

The device also has Keep Door Open feature in case the Daycare have some special Open Door day for future student to visit. This is specially feature specially designed for school usage.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


For the DB management, Card Number (may NOT be a real physical RFID card) is the DB index, and the PIN is associated with that. So by identify the PIN it will associate with the ID and Name, so system or GDSManager will know Who and When accessed the door. This is the original idea of Access Control Management.

Thank you for using GDS3710.


Hello thank you for your reply! Do you know the specifics of the wrong pin lockout? How many attempts to trigger? How long lockout? Is this detailed in any of the literature? I can not find a reference anywhere.

I am not sure of the firmware, I’ll check when I go back in.

I have it set for unified pin, only a few people have an rfid card, all the parents use the same PIN. This is an interior vestibule door, so actual physical security is done by the locked exterior door outside of operating hours.


I see. You don’t need real and physical RFID card to use private PIN, just fake a unique number as card number to tell DB as index, then assign the private PIN to the that number, and that number can mapped with each individual or parents, so everyone can have own private PIN. But anyway, you can choose whatever works and good for you and your customer.

There will be alarm once configured after 5 continuous wrong PIN input. It is in the webUI tooltips, see below screenshot. Seems there will no lock out when this happens. But I will check again and advise you.

Please make sure the GDS3710 is using the latest firmware.

Thank you for using Grandstrean products.