GDS3710 Phones to open gate


Hi again, I am please to say that I solved most issues with the replacement GDS3710, only one problem still remain, when visitors dail from the gate normally the tenant can open the gate by pressing 9, but it is not working on the replacement device, the other 3 devices works perfect. what however is confusing for me is that the secondary guard station when phoned can open the gate with 9. I have gone through all the settings and compared it with the other devices configurations and it looks completely identical to me. Can somebody please shed some light on what I am missing. Thank you very much


sounds like a system / codec - dialling mismatch.


Thanks any advice?


Try upgrade the problem GDS3710 to latest firmware, then perform factory reset, then configure from scratch again, to see whether the issue resolved.

Make sure the DTMF open door is enabled. And specially pay attention to the audio codec selection in the device, make sure all in consistent with other working device, if SIP Proxy involved in the setup. Also make sure the other side device (SIP phone) the DTMF selection and audio codec setting is matched (like all using DTMF via RFC2833, etc.)

Thank you for using GDS3710.