GDS3710 Open Door problems


Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a GDS3710. No problem on the SIP line, but I have problems around door-opening.

1, remote DTMF opening: it works well, if somebody rang, I open the door with the DTMF code set. However, the door remains closed, if I called the doorphone (in vain used the DTMF code set). So it only works when the GDS3710 is the initiator of the SIP call. Why? I couldn’t find any option for this.

2, RFID cards: trying to set it up, but noway, won’t work. I need a mixed setting, someone will have card, others just will have a PIN. I have a list of users who needs opening the door, tentatively added 2-3 users. Filled in the IDs, PINs, schedule, group, register cards (who have). I choose “Private PIN” in field “Local PIN type”. All didn’t open the door, but there’s an ‘opening’ event still: I set up making photos and send them by FTP and I found photos on the FTP server about this trying. Otherwise, it can open the door as I wrote in the previous paragraph. I found an info in an oother topic of thios forum: “* {Virtual Number}*{PrivatePIN}#”: tried to open in this way, didn’t work. What could be the problem?

Thanks, Steve


@gsth: Answer to your question:

Q1: That is per design for security. You don’t want any phone call into the GDS to open the door, right? What if some spam SIP call or hacked SIP call going to the GDS to open door? There is a “White List” in the “SIP Settings”, just put phone extensions allowed to call into GDS to open door there, it will work. Please refer to User Manual for more details about this:

Q2: It should work if configured correctly. Once you added RFID card into the GDS, you have to “Enable” it in the “Card Management” webpage, by default is not enabled. Once enabled RFID card, swipe the card it should open the door. For using PIN to open door, there are several ways: Remote PIN (DTMD, which already worked), Local PIN, while local PIN also has PIN associated with RFID card, or Guest PIN (for Guest Mode). If you select “Local PIN Type” to be “Private PIN”, then you need to enter the PIN into related person in the “Card Management” at the correct RFID card in the PIN field. Say you have configured both Virtual Number and SIP Number to be the same (I usually do this to make my life simple but of course you can set it differently like using Room Number and SIP Extension Number, which is the purpose of the design) for John Doe with SIP extension “111”, and his password is “1234”, then once enabled, John can just type PIN in the form of “1111234#” to open the door. And in the event log you will know it is “John” using his private PIN to get in. Unfortunately if using Guest PIN, you will not know which guest because the guest pin is shared. But, you can get snapshot picture from your FTP server if you turned on this feature; and from those snapshots you will know who entered the door at when using what method (RFID, PIN, etc.).

So please check your configuration, this probably be the issue causing not working. Also, please download the User Manual and read it when you have chance.

Make sure you are using the latest firmware, which currently is, can be found in the official website:

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.


This does allow an extension to be entered however the PIN to open the door remotely changes to ‘Y’ instead of digits entered and saved. As soon as SAVE is clicked, the Remote Pin to Open Door changes from the 66 i’ve programmed to Y.


Is it working now? Not quite understand what setting you are referring to, maybe upload a screenshot of the configuration page will help to comment the issue, if still not working.

This feature is basic feature and should work. Please advise. Thanks and good luck!


Partially. Q1 is OK, I defined a whitelist with the SIP numbers needed, but is was disabled. After enabled, works well the remote DTMF opening.

But Q2 isn’t OK. Doesn’t work by card swipe and by PIN, too. I tried your suggestion “111 1234#”, doesn’t work. But I can hear a ‘long-beep’ after I enter the right character-string (after pressing #). If I fail the string, three short beep sounds. The user has rights to both doors, and relay used (door used) checked-in in the ‘Door System Settings/Basic features’ page. And, as I mentioned, DTMF opening works well, now in both direction.
Also tried “Disable Keypad SIP Number Dialing” feature, both with turned on and off state, doesn’t work. One suspisious thing: a red message appears on editing card’s data (the card management page): “Note: Open Door will not work by PIN if password is blank.” What password is it? There’s just only one “password field” on the whole site (I think), the admin password.


@gsth: “Disable Keypad SIP Number Calling” is designed for user scenes where SIP call is NOT used and users just want to key in digit PIN to open door (like traditional analogue door system, backward compatible). This explained well in UI Web tips as well as in Release Note, and User Manual. If you want SIP call to open door, you can NOT check and use this feature.

Be advised the GDS is designed to make SIP call AND input PIN to open door. So how the device know this is a call, or a PIN as all are digits? That is why by default treating all digit input and numbers as to make a call; then adding prefix “*” to tell the device this is a PIN to open door, not a call.

NOTE: Open Door will not work by PIN if pass word is blank. This clearly tells you if you read some document. As you user are using “Private PIN”, meaning every user has its OWN PIN, and this PIN is associated with the RFID card. So if you go “Card Management” and edit the related Card Record, the PIN should be inputted there. This is nothing to do with admin password which configure the GDS, but PIN to open door by that card user which you should input to the GDS built-in database like Name, Card Number, SIP number, etc. in Card Management.

Long Beep meaning record matching successful and door opened; three short beep means error card or wrong PIN, this is mentioned clearly in the User Manual. Please read it.

You issue seems to me is configuration error and not reading documents. This will be resolved if you spend some time read the user manual.

Thank you for using GDS3710.


Of course, I have/had this document and read it. But didn’t find answers in, or it is not clear (with your words :-))
For example, the “white list” problem, the document says: “All whitelisted numbers can open door remotely using PIN Code when calling GDS.” but the right sentence should be “Only the whitelisted numbers can open door remotely using PIN Code when calling GDS.” Just two words, but matters.

And the essence, the solution for the “open-door-with-private-PIN” problem: I think it works bad in the GDS, it mixes “Door1” and “Door2” on the card user’s page (the “Right of Card and Private PIN” checkboxes). I just checked “Door2” (because we connected the gate’s wires to “NO2” and “COM2”). And,

  • “Door1” checkbox is a permission for using the relay on “NO2”, “NC2”, “COM2”
  • “Door2” checkbox is a permission for using the relay on “NO1”, “COM1”
    That was why I heard a ‘long-beep’ and why door kept closed.


@gsth: Yes, the document needs improved. Thanks for the suggestion.

For the Doo1/Door2 issue, yes, the original design the GDS can open only 1 door, which will be connected to COM2 (default port to connect strike, some users also complained this should be COM1 instead for more intuition, but unfortunately this is the initial design and with product already shipped, not good idea to change this so we keep on using it). Later on customers are requesting Door2 operation, therefore we re-user the Alarm_Out port (which is COM1) as Door2 operation and when open door used, Alarm_Out will be disabled (mutual-exclusive function). Here is the Open-Door Flow Chart for the two doors control, this might help to understand the open door feature:

Again, thank you for using GDS3710 and please continue to provide usage feedback so we can improve.


Hello All,

My issue is that I cannot get my door release button to work. (My setup Wiring Sample using PoE to power GDS3710 and 3rd Party Power Supply for Electric Strike)

I can use a pin code or swipe to get into the building but I cannot get the mag to release when the button gets pressed on the rex button. I’ve tried different types of buttons (NC and NO) and still no go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,



Please see setup in my test environment.


I have have external power source as well as I can get the GDS unit to release the mag just not the door release button. In the picture above, the button is not connected to anything, as I was just testing the GDS and the mag lock.

POE cabled setup and switch does provide POE as well.


did you measure the contact on the GS3710? (I mean the resistance between NO1-COM1, NO2-COM2)
If no, measure it and if you don’t measure shortcut on opening any of them, you may have the same problem like me. As you can read (above), NO1-COM1==Door2(!) and NO2-COM2==Door1(!) because of inherited problems of Grandstream (and as sucks for users in the future).



Are you referring press the button in the EXIT switch to open door by operating the mag lock? If that is the case, the EXIT button should be wired to Alarm_In and you need to configure the when the Alarm_In event happened (button pressed) will open door in the “Alarm Events Config” setting by select “Digit Input” to be “Open Door”. By default this is “Disable”

Hope this helps. Please help to advise and update your result. Thanks and good luck!


Hi GS_Guy,

What I actually did was I just used the GDS3710 as a card reader/pin input and then I used the Axis A1001 unit as the door controller and this controller does two doors and its way easier than going the GS route. It was just so painful to get this to work nicely and GS needs a much easier product on their next revision of this model.

Thanks again for your followup.


@kdacosta: So you use Weigand Output to the Axis A1001 door controller, or just wring the COM2 (Door1) or COM1 (Door2) output into the A1001?

I assume your settings are working now. Thanks for the suggestion and will be feedback to the engineering.


Did not use the Weigand output. Used a network cable and put them in the colour coated spots and then I put in 1 strand of cable into port of NC2 and another strand of cable in COM1 port if I am remember correctly. I have this GDS units on the outside of my building and with this setup, I can install a REX/exit button with ease on this Axis door controller.

Yes, works like a charm and have setup two places with this type of setup and all is working fine! There is def. more setup with the configuration of the Axis door controller but it is doable and works great!


@kdacosta: :+1: Good to know it is working and thank you for the information!


Question: need u help

I have the same scenario: With 2 situations the first one, how can I open the door from the inside without simulating a call or how someone lets out from inside using the Tel GXP2140 …


@joe11: To answer your question that open door from inside, there are several options:

  1. SIP phone call: GDS as callee and use DTMF pin to open door. The Caller has to be configured into the “White List” of GDS. This is per design for security, GDS as caller can open door by any SIP phone existed in the Card List database, but as Callee the caller should be inside White List to open door. This is preventing hacking or spam call or ghost call to trying PIN to open door when you are sleep.

  2. Install a Open Door Switch and wiring the switch to the operator who will open the door (like reception). There are document on how to wire and configure the GDS3710:

  3. Install a 3rd party weigand reader inside to Open Door. This is similar to 2) need extra wiring and configuration. Document located in above same resource URLs.

  4. For some office doors you can push to open from inside, above three is not necessary. The open door from inside normally referring to magneatic door opener (e.g. Glass door, etc.), the resource URL also mentioned.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS37xx products.


The way I see it is-

  1. If whitelist is disabled - anyone can call the GDS BUT you can only use remote DTMF if you are in the card access list.
  2. If whitelist is enabled - only those in the whitelist can call the GDS - (and they can use remote DTMF as well).

Why not add a 3rd option?

  1. Disable whitelist and allow all remote DTMF.