GDS3710 Not Sending Photos attached to emails


We have set up everything do that the GDS 3710 should be sending photos every time the doorbell button is pressed or a code is entered. But no emails ever arrive.

I have verified that Test emails arrive, so all of the SMTP settings are correct.


Please make ticket directly to GS as it look like bug.



  1. What kind of email service you are using? If the test email working well, that means the path is working. Make sure the email service server will not strip off the .jpg attachment. (some server or firewall will do that).
    Also make sure your mail storage not overflow its quota. (I had this before because the attachment not cleared in time)

  2. Setup a local FTP server or just using Grandstream GXV3275/3375 built-in FTP server with SD card, enable that and put them in same LAN to see whether the FTP server got the snapshots, if yes, then this path is working.

  3. Setup Outlook or Email client in your computer and sending email with similar attachment to see whether you get the attachment.

  4. What firmware you are using? If you upgrade from old firmware, did you perform factory reset after upgrading? The factory reset will help to clear out internal registers and clear out lots of unexpected issues.

  5. I cannot duplicate your issue as my GDS3710 working fine sending me snapshot whenever person getting in via RFID or PIN.

Hope this helps. Please help to update your result. Thanks!