GDS3710 - no Video on GS Wave



I have a brandnew GDS3710 and try to connect it with a Android-tablet with GS Wave. GDS Settings are done, it rings if i press the button, the door-open-button is displayed, audio is ok, but i can´t get a video on GS-Wave.
GDS3710 Firmware is
GS-Wave is
SIP-Server is a AVM-Fritz!Box 7490 with OS 7.01.
The URL in the box is set to http://ip-adress/anonymous/snapshot/view
On the Fritz!Fon C5 the video works fine.
H.264 Payload Type is 99 on GDS and GS.
What can I do?

Thanks a lot



The GSWave only support H.264 baseline profile. Please adjust the GDS3710 to use Baseline Profile in the Video Settings in the H.264 configuration, the GSWave should come out video. Be advised use 2nd stream or 3rd stream for your SIP media depending you are using WiFi or 3G/4G.

Hope this helps. Please advise whether video works after changing to Baseline profile.

Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Hi GS_Guy,

Baseline Profiles configured for stream 2 and 3, doesn´t work already, bandwidth isn´t a problem, is allwith wifi…:frowning:

Thanks and Greets


How about direct IP call? If call from GDS3710 UI to the IP of cell phone running GSWave directly, by passing IPPBX, will that work? Please try and advise.


Direct call isn´t working. I´ve tried it to an ios and and an android device, no function, means no call, nothing.


Is the GDS3710 and GSWave in the same LAN and same location? If not, and you don’t have IPPBX and ways to resolve NAT, it will NOT work.

If GDS3710 and GSWave in the same LAN, it SHOULD work.


Same LAN, same location, same IP-range.


That is strange. Did you press the “Video On” icon on the up right corner when call connected? Assuming you configure the GDS3710 using 2nd stream with H.264 Baseline Profile.

Be advised when GSWave connected the call, by default there is NO Video and you have to press the “Video On” button to turn on video (this is for privacy request by most cell phone user, camera should not ON automatically).

Please advise your result. Thanks!


Hi Guy,

after hours of searching and testing direct call runs and I get an lifestream on the ipad!
Thank you very much!
That gswave in an incoming call no video shows in my eyes total stupidity, that should be an elementary feature of a video door station that I see on the associated application first who is in front of the door and then answer or open the door!
This is really poor…

Greets Richard