GDS3710 issues 2


I’ve been having a hard time getting this product to work consistently. We’re using it as an intercom for the front door of a building. It has one SIP account that it registers to. Two tenants have entries in the DB that use this SIP account. Three other tenants have Yealink IP phones on the same network and the GDS3710 does a direct peer-to-peer sip call to their IP. We also have a Milestone VMS system that is recording the RTSP stream 24/7.

The issue is it works fine for awhile… then something breaks. Usually we notice the RTSP stream recording fails, and sometimes when that fails the unit also will not call tenants using the SIP account (which still shows online in Account Status). Rebooting fixes it.

I found another topic which indicated a factory reset should be done after a firmware upgrade, so I did that. I found another topic which suggests only using video stream 3 for the SIP calls as changing streams 1 or 2 to the Baseline profile can cause “issues”. My video phones expect 720p baseline, which is not possible on stream 3, so I’m using stream 2 for the SIP. I’m recording stream 1 in the Milestone VMS.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I have another unit at a different building setup almost identically (they don’t use a SIP account at all, it’s just peer-to-peer), and that one seems to be rock solid. The VMS recording never drops. But I can’t find any difference in the configuration.

Is there a best practice guide someone from Grandstream can share when integrating this device with other vendor’s products (ie 3rd party SIP video phones and recording solutions)?

Any insight into my issues would be appreciated.


Could be the SIP server or other vendor’s device sending something GDS not like therefore stalled the system.

Suggestion is upgrade to latest firmware version, and configure automatic reboot GDS daily or weekly in the time where nobody using the system (like early morning), see whether the issue resolved or situation improve.

The peer-to-peer when working, it is more robust than IPPBX involved, reason is simple, less elements get affected, like SIP registration, codec compatibility, IP address (DHCP) changing, etc.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.