GDS3710 is not working with GVR3550/GVR3552 with GRANDSTREAM-protokol



The GDS3710 is not working with GVR3550/GVR3552 recorder with GRANDSTREAM-protocol, only with ONVIF connected by hand.
This means the ‘Region Config’ for Event Setting is not working, so the motion detection is useless and you can’t record only when something moves.

So you can only record 24h or scheduled, but this doesn’t make much sense for an entry-cam.
It’s one of the main advantages of the GVR355x that you can record by motion detection!

This really has to be fixed! It should work like a GVR36xx camera in connection to the GVR355x recorder.


Will this be fixed or is the GVR355x not supported by this device?


This will need something done on the GVR355x side.


Any update on this, it looks like the GDS3710 still only supports ONVIF with GVR3552 and motion detection would be really nice


@rapple: The issue is the firmware on GVR355x side, which EOL and no development now. The GVR355X not recognize GDS3710 (new product AFTER GVR355x), therefore treat it as 3rd party device using ONVIF to recording the stream.