GDS3710 Intercom video to remote network phones (GXP2170)?


I have a UCM6204 PBX that is being operating without issues for the last couple of years, recently we added a GDS3710 Intercom at the facility entrance and it has work very good, showing video to the GXP2170 phones connected to the UCM.

Two weeks ago we moved a couple of extensions to a temporary remote location, and the video communication from the Intercom stopped working, the remote GXP2170 extensions are registering and receiving the calls from the intercom but the video feed is lost.

Any idea on how to get it resolved.

As per Grandstream technicians we forwarded the port 554 (UDP) to the IP address of the UCM, but it did not resolved the issue.

I have tested registering a remote extension in GS Wave, to the same UCM, and the video works properly. So the issue is the communication between the GDS3710 and the GXP2170 phones.

All the devices have the latest FW (UCM6204, GXP2170 phones and GDS3710 Intercom)

Any help will be greatly appreciated


I am uncertain as to why the port 554 would be forwarded to the UCM. This is the RTSP port. I tend to think this would need to forwarded at the remote site.

It would also help to know how the remote sites are set-up with regard to port forwarding, NAT IP, etc.