GDS3710 http server keeps getting stuck, requires reboot


Web access to my GDS3710 (firmware keeps getting interrupted. It feels like the http server is just stuck and cannot deliver the page it wants to.

The gate still functions, and people can use their cards and pins at the keypad, but until I restart the GDS3710 no further web access seems possible. I usually just ssh into the unit and tell it to restart.

Any thoughts or ideas? This is frustrating.



Could be something related to the network or something happening for the port 80? A wireshark packet trace may help to explain.

Are you using HTTPS or HTTP? Please go to: System Settings ==> Access Settings, change the Web Access Mode to HTTPS or HTTP (depending on what you prefer) and also change the default port 443 or 80 to something else, like for example: 8443 or 8080, and see whether you still have this issue.


Also, what is the previous firmware version before you upgrade to If upgrade from very lower version, did you perform factory reset and reconfigure or import the configuration? If you upgrade from 1.0.2.xx, 1.0.3.xx, 1.0.4.xx to and never perform factory reset, please try factory reset and see what you get.

Please advise. Thank you for using GDS3710.


I was previously on, but I am not sure if this was happening on that version?

I don’t know when I have performed a factory reset? Will I still be able to import under “Data Maintenance” and get back the many configured details of my system?



Yes, if it is, then you can export all your configuration and data (configuration from “Data Maintenance” page and data from “Card Management” page) to your computer, then perform factory reset from “Reboot & Reset” page, then use default password to log in (the default random password should be printed in the sticker on the back of the device) and then import back your configuration and card data, then reboot everything should be back and same as before.

But since you are in before, I suggest you try configure the webUI access from default HTTPS 443 and HTTP 80 to some other port to rule out other network issue first.

Please try and advise. Thanks for using GDS3710.


The export/import or backup/restore is designed to reduce down time. If you have a new replaced GDS3710 or need to expend to add another device, just export the configuration/data and import to another device and system will be up and door will be accessible in minutes. Only thing to do in the configuration file is the name should match the MAC address of new device.


Just to follow up: changing ports, switching to https, and doing a factory reset did not help. The device reliably allows me to ssh in, so I can still restart it when the web admin interface becomes unresponsive.


@rickross: Sorry to hear that. Does factory reset help? Try SSH into the device and issue “RESET” from SSH command line.

If this still not help and the device still got stuck in the web access, please open a ticket with Grandatream HELPDESK and provide this Forum Post, so we can follow up with you and maybe RMA this unit.

Thank you for using GDS3710!