GDS3710 how to call 2 queues


I have some GXP2170 connected to UCM. They are separated in two queues. I want the GDS simultaneously to call the two queues after someone push the door button. In GDS I have choosen the parallel hunting mode but it never calls the second queue. Could you know how can I do it.



Have you tried Parallel Hunting or you could create a third Queue with all the members in it.


My guess is that you have to create 3rd queue to include all the extensions in the queue and fill into GDS. Even if you put two queue numbers there, I am not sure UCM can support simutaniously call two queues, that might be the issue you only have one queue running.


Thank you for your responding.

I want to use the second queue in order to have the view of the visitors from GDS but without the sound of a ring tone. So I set custom ring tone on the second queue the sound of silence :slight_smile: .
As you understand in this case is not an option to add all extensions on the same queue.