GDS3710, GS Wave, asterisk : Early media?


In the above setup : gds3710 and GS wave using Asterisk 14 as IP PBX, I would like to enable early media. Is that possible? Where to configure it? I have looked in both GDS and gswave and I can’t find how to activate this option.
Thanks for helping.


Similar situation here.

Have GDS3710, GXP2135 and GS Wave connected together via asterisk. Asterisk dialplan is configured to preserve Call-Info header, so with GDS3710 calling both GXP2135 and GS Wave the GXP2135 shows video while ringing but GS Wave dont.
So the early media seems to be supported by GXP2135, but not supported by GS Wave.

Another issue with GS Wave is that if answering the call from GDS3710 it still does not shows video. However, video appears if after picking up the call from GDS3710 disable and enable video in the GS wave app.