GDS3710 Freepbx Codec Problem



Hi, I have a problem with a GDS3710 firmware version and Asterisk version: 15.5.0/Freepbx 14.05.
If the GDS calls an extension, no codec can be negotiated. Asterisk reports “ast_rtp_write: Ooh, format changed from none to g722” and the GDS has no incoming audio. When I call the GDS everything works. What can cause the problem?


I only found that that this is asterisk problem (probably). When you use UCM no voice problem.
It must be something with audio.


Double check your Asterisk codecs (and their order) and the GDS codecs (and their order). Just because it’s listed in the SIP Options codecs page on Asterisk does NOT mean that it is supported. You still need to have the proper encoder/decoder installed. All the options screen does is enable the negotiation; it does not ensure that it will work once negotiated.


An easy to isolate whether Asterisk is the culprit, set the GDS and IP Phone in Direct IP Call or IP Peering, if this works fine, then configured to Asterisk and failed to work, then Asterisk might cause the problem.

Asterisk is stateful proxy (unlike OpenSER which is stateless proxy), it will be the guy in middle manipulate not by passing, then it might cause issue if not configured right.

Thanks for using GDS37xx products.


Same problem here, It was working before the firmware update. Now when the gds3710 calls I hear the person in front of the device but the user doesn’t listen to me. But when I call to the GDS3710 it’s normal. My PBX is Asterisk and the problem just appeared after the update. GDS3710 has the firmware.


As i seen GS fix audio problem but same person rapport they broke Video in that version :confused:


@Marcin: Please try the latest firmware and advise whether it solves your problem. Otherwise, get the trace and open a ticket, we will continue to solve the issue.

Thank you very much for using GDS3710.


Where can get the new Version ?
There is none on the Download Site.


Good question :slight_smile:
I do not have this fw also.


Will be out in this week, please keep tuned.