GDS3710 Feature Suggestion - Option to invert inputs


The two inputs on the GDS3710 can only be used with normally open (NO) contacts. However, alarm contacts are typically normally closed (NC), so that cutting the wire would trigger an alarm. It would be good if the GDS3710 would offer a check box allowing to invert the input. That can easily be done in software.


The new firmware will address the issue, it will be release in couple of days.

Please upgrade your GDS3710 to, play around and advise whether it resolve your problem.
The also can control two doors (with Alarm_Out port or COM1 port).

Please advise and provide feedback so we can continue to improve. Thank you for using GDS3710.


Great, I had the same problem/question. Indeed it is now possible to set IN2 to either NO or NC and use that for a door magnet.

The last bit I am missing right now is an enhancement of the alarm actions to include the ability to call a URL including status information (like OPEN or CLOSED). Yes, I am aware that the EventNotifier exists, but am not yet sure if it includes the info that I would need and haven’t tested that yet.