GDS3710 endless Phantom Calls, thinking to downgrade to 3705 but i need the video function


I’m facing the problem that many people are describing in this forum with endless phantom calls from GDS3710 device. After trying everything, it seems it’s a hardware issue with the touch pad like many others reported and since the device is out of guarantee and it drives me mad, it’s time to throw the device from the window.
My problem is that i really need all the GDS3710 functions, video included.
I’m thinking to buy a GDS3705 device that looks solid (what they were thinking with the awful touch pad on GDS3710) and my goal is when someone presses the doorbell button, to display video on GXP2160 devices (like GDS3710 does) from an external LAN IP simple camera.
Anyone has any idea if it’s possible? If not, any alternative suggetions would much appreciated.

P.S. All SIP Grandstream devices are connected on a UCM6204


Please contact HELPDESK and open a support ticket to get help. Please share the ticket number here once you have it. Thanks.


Thanks for your suggestion.
Ticket opened with number 20221014111616


What is the MAC address of your GDS3710?


It’s: C0:74:AD:1C:51:7B


Please also advise this MAC address in the support ticket of HELPDESK. Thanks!


Hello again. Well after opening the ticket, support concluded that my device is defective, it was so obvious.
So i’m again in my first topic question. Can anyone help please?


If the device if defective, the HELPDESK will issue RMA and swap a good one for your for free. Please follow up the helpdesk ticket. Thanks.


I wish but i’m out of guarantee. That’s why i’m looking for an answer to my question because i need to buy a new one but i want to avoid GDS3710 this time because of the bad hardware. Thanks.


This is manufacture defective (based on MAC address), even out of warranty, it will still be taken care of.
Please contact HELPDESK with the ticket number and MAC address asking for RMA.

We are standing behind our products. Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.


Ok, i’ve just opened a new ticket regarding RMA. Let’s see what happens.
I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks a lot.


Please note that ticket #20221014111616 is a duplicate of ticket #20220719133610 where a hardware defect was approved for the unit on October 17th, 2022.


Yes i know that. For some reason two tickets opened and after contacting with support they closed one of them.
The “defective” status ticket is the “20220719133610” but noone from support ever told me how can i replace my device if it’s out of guarantee. Now i opened a new one as GS_Guy suggested and i’m waiting for their response about replacing the unit in my country.


Kindly note that as a support center, we can help you diagnose your device and check if there is any hardware defect. Once the hardware defect is confirmed, you will need to contact your local supplier and share with them the defective unit’s information plus the ticket number, that way they can check if the unit is still under warranty and if it is still eligible for replacement.


My local supplier was a small local store that doesn’t exist anymore. I only have the invoice from them and that’s all.


We can offer you the FREE repair service, if you can pay the round shipping cost. Basically mail the unit to Grandstream US Office to repair, once done the unit will be mailed back to you, if you provide the return mail slip, like FedEx or DHL or whatever you provided. If you can find someone bring the unit to US and send to Grandstream, we can send it back to US address once repaired.

If you think this is feasible, please provide your email address and we will start to contact you. Thanks!