GDS3710, EMF Diode and Adams Rite 12v electric strikes


I am wiring up some GDS3710’s

@lacoursj - I am following your suggestion on the 12V converter here:

And it all seems to be pretty straight forward.

For testing, I’ve split out the brown/blue pairs from a patch cable - using 4 wires for TX/RX from the RJ45

The pulled out brown pair for 12v/gnd to +12v/GND and blue pair for COM/N02 to PUSH/GND to the relay.

The strikes are Adams Rite 12VDC

The strike is connected to the converter on COM/NO

Does this configuration require a reverse EMF Diode? Any specific type required? And where does it go specifically if needed.



Please see this document:

Hope this helps. Thanks for testing Grandstream products.


Here is what I am proposing I am going to do, but I am not an expert. FWIW - this unlocks by entering the #[PIN]* format from the keypad and ‘exit button’ (not shown in diagram but connected to the push and gnd) . Have not tried unlock via DTMF.

Please let me know if there are problems with this approach - i.e. EMF diode.

@GS_Guy - Are you implying with “Thank you for testing grandstream products” - That these devices are not production ready? I need to get these working in a production/live environment :slight_smile:



No, there is no issue with this approach. Actually we recommend to add EMF diode for protection. Your approach is more secure from installation point of view.

This forum topic is for GDS3705, a BETA product which scheduled to ship soon. While you are mentioning GDS3710, which is a shipped product (kind of got confused).

Anyway, thank you for using Grandstream products.


The PIN format for universal PIN is “*[PIN]#”. The DTMF should work if you configured and enabled. There are also other PINs like Guest PIN, Private Card PIN, etc. These all mentioned in the User Manual and HOW TO documents listed here:

Have fun playing around with the installation. You can also open ticket with GS Help Desk if you have any issue or posting in the forum. Thanks!


I am deploying one of these also.

  1. IS this for failsecure or failsafe operation?
  2. Is the EMF diode still required or does this device eliminate the need for the diode?


Yes, the EMF diode is still recommended.

Failsecure or Failsafe does not matter, either can be used as long as you wired it correctly. The COM2 port has three PIN socket to allow connecting related striker.

More details please refer to QIG as well as other resource in the website:

Thank you for using GDS3710.