GDS3710 email SMTP compatibility - ONLY works with Gmail? Really?


Grandstream Support is saying that the GDS3710 is ONLY compatible with Gmail and that it is not designed to be compatible with any other mail server. This is hard to believe and/or accept.

Grandstream Support is also saying that the “Sender User Name” and the “From Email Address” MUST be the same and that the User Name for authentication CANNOT be different from the sender email address; this is a problem for corporate email systems where the account name and the email addresses are not necessarially identical.

Grandstream Support also says that there are no long files or debugging information available as to why the SMTP emails are not being sent out. (Clicking “Email test” displays an error that merely says “invalid Response”.

Basically, I am being told that the GDS3710 is not compatible with any corporate email systems unless you are lucky, and that there is no support, no diagnostics, and only limited compatibility with any corporate email system.

I find this very hard to believe that Grandstream has such severe limitations and/or crappy software and that there isn’t any attempt to make the GDS3710 compatible with SMTP other than Gmail.

At a very minimum, these limitations should be documented in the user manual (and they are not).

Really, is the product this bad/limited?


We only tested GMail, which is the free email out there. We don’t test EXCHANGE but that should work if the mail server is using SMTP.

Could you put some test if you have your own enterprize mail server, if not working, then contact Grandstream Support and file a bug to resolve it. Thanks!


I couldn’t make it work with which is also „the free email out there“.
GDS opens connection, SMTP server sends its ESMTP hello and the GDS closes the connection without even trying to send anything. (I have a whireshark trace) I don’t have much time right now so I never opened a case but I will ASAP.

In case Grandstream doesn’t know: SMTP is a widely implemented and well understood standard.

What kind of info is needed to make this work?

P.S. FTP is NOT a suitable replacement! When I am traveling I want an email who rang the bell, not having to check my ftp server if there are new files!


Please capture a wireshark trace for the email communication with server and send to support.

Understand on the road requirement, we need more detailed information to see what might be the issue and will fix it if it is GDS problem.

Thank you for using GDS products.


I am using a small program, written in python, that uses the smtpd package.
It works very well.
The program just receives the email from GDS3710 and stores the photos attachments on disk.
With some changes I think it is quite simple to use it as a forwarder to any email service which uses SMTP protocol.

You can find the code here:

Of course you need a host where it can be installed, run and reachable on the network by GDS3710.
In my case it is a small Orange Pi PC2 ARM board (always powered up 24/7).