GDS3710 doorbell calling to GS Wave no start video if GDS is setup on APP



I’ve just installed new GDS3710 doorbell and setup I think correctly but I have an issue with GS wave application.

If I activate GDS in order to display “open door icon” trough:

On GS Wave, access Settings → Advanced Settings → Additional Settings → GDS Settings.

When I call from doorbell to GS wave video don’t start, if isn’t selected them when I call video starts immediately, is this and APP bug?


Did you activate the video codecs on GSWave?


Yes, its active. As I mentioned if I don’t activate the GDS in order to display “open door icon” everything works perfectly. When I press door bell immediately call phone and I can start call and have immediately video/audio.
But if I activate GDS in order to display “open door icon”, when I press door bell call starts but no video/audio (door open can be triggered no issue on that)

I forget to tell that I’ve all latest version from GDS firmware and APP version


open a ticket


Are you using iOS or Android version of GS_Wave? I recall you have to press a button in the GSWave UI to accept the video before it can be displayed, did you press the enable/accept video button in the GSWave?