GDS3710 door open DTMF not working


I’ve got GDS3710, UCM6202 and Yeastar TG100 (GMS gateway). I’m trying to make a call from GDS (ext.1000) -> to ext.2000 with “follow me” to external cell phone. On the cell phone I want to open the door by pressing 1#.
And it works when I make connection from GSD web page (not from hardware keyboad).

But when I make connection from GDS keyboard the cell phone answers, I can talk, but pressing 1# doesn’t open do door. What could be wrong? DTMF was set to RFC on GDS and TG100.


Perhaps try to use only codecs pcma/pcmu and use “auto” for DTMF recoginition on UCM extension side.
Have you tried to use sip info already?
Did you try to make wireshark tcpdumps to see the differences and what happens here?


Thesame problem with internal call to another sip extension. So this is not a problem of GSM gateway.
I’ve tried using sip info, sip rfc and auto on all extensions.

edit: It works if I enable whitelist on GDS. But whitelist is too short.


The Whitelist will be increased in next firmware version. Thank you for using GDS37xx.