Gds3710 direct ip call


Can someone explain how to configure gds unit in order to make local direct IP call to linphone softphone installed on an android device (i would appreciate linphone setup as well if it’s required to work) both devices are on the same LAN.
Thx in advance


Basically same as WP820. If you use IP then you must be sure that android device will have same IP always.

As for linephone just follow any manual for ip calls (never used it).


Just put in the IP address as the phone number. Works for me with the Grandstream wave app.


Thanks, i’ll try tomorrow and let You guys know. I’ve read on this forum that gs wave is not suitable for direct ip call hence linphone but will try both apps. Last time didnt work, must have messed up with the settings though.


It works fine it’s just that phones are always jumping IP address. If you know your way around that problem, it’s no issue. I could not get it configured in GSWave without at least one SIP account configured though. I think it may be a bug in the app because the IP call settings aren’t there if you don’t have one account


To be honest, i’m having hard time making Gds to call be it gs wave or linphone softphone. I’ve tried direct IP call with no luck (i mean it called once or twice with voice connection only but now it won’t), i’ve tried calling linphone account with same result.
I matched ports between gs wave and gds i’ve checked ip address of my smartphone device, i have two linphone sip accounts configured and online in gds and still can’t call be it IP of gs wave on smartphone or my other linphone account on linphone app. (while voice connection between Microsip on Windows computer and linphone App on smartphone works every time).

  1. I have newest software on gds, do i need to configure sip accounts in web GUI in some special way (i mean deactivate linphone sip accounts and configure remaining ones in some particular manner)?
  2. How should i configure gs wave so gds can call it? Apart from port matching (ive even tried configuring sip account with sip server being ip address of gds) .
  3. What should i type in ‘number called when doorbell pressed’ area in gds web GUI to make it call linphone sip account being it possible to make video call between gds and gs wave without pbx and have video prewiev before answearing?
    Sorry for lots of questions but i’m not familiar with sip stuff and better yet out of ideas how to solve the problem without buying pbx. Thanks to anyone willing to help


Edit: direct ip call seems to work (only when connected to Main router, when connected to second one acting as an Access Point it doesnt work and sip account needs to be online in gs wave) although question regarding how to call linphone sip account remains in place. Appreciate any help


GS wave do not correctly work with ip calls.
I was usuing Castel but they remove it from store (still as apk)


Thx, i’ll dig into this castel software than. I would also like to use doorbell feature to call my linphone account when i’m out of my local network but struggle with sip account address format needed in “number called when doorbell pressed” field in web GUI.
Suppose my sip account is, what should i type in that particular field for gds to initiate a call. Ive tried 123, and and none seem to work - doorstation makes 3 loud beeps instead.


It will not work this way, i tested it. You need register GDS to register SIP server.
GS still do not added simple register mark for sip server or allow domain call.