GDS3710 - Cisco 9971 - Latency video


I bought a GrandStream GDS3710 to link with Cisco CME and Cisco 9971 phones.
Everything works fine, I just have a little issue. When I receive a call from the GDS3710, there is no video. I have to hold the call and un-hold it to have the video.

I think this is a latency about camera, but I’m not sure.

Have you got some ideas against this little issue?



When you put the call on-hold, this likely sends a new Invite as does when taking off of hold. I suspect the latter Invite is then negotiating the needed video codec. A Wireshark capture is needed to see what messaging is occurring between the devices - phone, CME & GDS.


Yes there is codec renegotiation and It start from Cisco to GDS (reverse).
So i guess Cisco do not correctly resolve initial INVITE and cannot establish video.
Compare both invites and change cisco or GDS settings.