GDS3710 cannot be found by GSsearch, blue LED is shining, factory reset without success


I have bought GDS3710 and I am trying to initialize it. I used only CAT5e cable with PoE from UniFi Switch 8-60W Switch ( IEEE802.3af ).
After connection the cable to switch the doorbell blue led on GDS3710 shines.
GSSearch tool cannot find any device on (same) network.

I tried wait a few minutes and check static IPs / .168 (according different manuals) via browser without success.

Afterwards I tried hard factory reset - connect wiegand cables. Step #3 failed - no lighting after 10seconds.

Could you help me with it please?


You sure that cable is correctly done ?
Led should not shine all time.


If you press any key in the keypad and no beep sound heard, please contact your seller, as well as contact Grandstream helpdwsk, to RMA and swap this device.