GDS3710 Beta


Due to my other problem I installed beta version which gave the following behaviour:

When trying to change the vocodec for the first account ( -> Account -> Account 1) when trying to save the form complains about the “Local SIP port” in the form: Port Must Between 81 and 65535, Without Conflict with Other Port!
No matter what port is being used, form fails every time. So no changes on that form can be saved.




I just put in port 5063 in there and it seems to work.



I put 5063 in there as well and now I am able to save it. Hmm maybe a glitch I think. Also the other accounts that refused to save, now can be saved.




For GDS3710, the 4 default SIP accounts are using port 5060, 5062, 5064, 5066, so if you are using those ports, then you are conflicting and you cannot save anything because of the duplication. You can save to other ports or if you want to swap 1 & 2, set account to others then configure it back, just avoiding there are duplicated ports at the same time.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.


It is bug after upgrade from 1 account to 4 accounts , all account get 5060 and original account go to 2 sip instead of 1.
You need factory or manually change ports.


@Marcin: Ah, I see. Yes, old firmware old support 1 sip profile, later firmware upgraded to support 4 but the default is actually account 2 in 5060, which is not right. A factory reset to reinitialize the P values will correct that or manually adjust them.

Thank you for using GDS37XX products.