GDS3710 BEEPING 3 times when doorbell pressed


Hello, everybody,

I know this subject has been discussed before, but this time it’s a different question.

I use the device on a smart home. There is only the 3710 available, as intercom I use directly the devices of the house like Tablet and Smart Home App.

As ringing event I monitor the SIP call INVITE sip:

Up to firmware it works without problems.
Bell button --> Ding Dong

Starting with firmware
Bell button --> Ding Dong --> BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP

That beep is annoying, I want to turn it off. What has changed in the firmware? Is the Grandstream expecting a response to the Invite command? If so, what would the response packet look like?



I assume there is no IPPBX or SIP server in this scene and only IP peering call involved, correct?

  1. Did you put the IP address of those device into the “Number Called When Door Bell Pressed” and seperate with “,” if multiple IP involved?
  2. Call Mode choose “SIP Number”; "Doorbell Call Out Account’ as “Auto” ?
  3. Aocount setting the “Account Active” is checked even the SIP server field is empty because no SIP proxy involved?
  4. correct audio/video codec selected in both GDS and the callee IP device?

If still having issue, please help to capture a trace when making calls and upload the CFG file so I will take a look to see what might be the issue.

Thank you for using GDS3710.

  1. Yes, the Invite packages arrive at my server solution

  2. Yes these settings are set like this

  3. yes the SIP account 1 is used without SIP server and without SIP proxy

  4. correctly, both video and audio work

How can I capture the call?