GDS3710 BEEPING 3 times (loud) when doorbell pressed and 1 phone is on DND



I have the GDS3710 calling 3 phones when doorbell is pressed. Works like a charme with video preview and so on.


If I put 1 of these phones on DND (do not disturb) and press the doorbell on the GDS it beeps 3 times and I really hate this. Any idea to prevent this??


What beeps, the GDS or the phone that is on DND?

What is the phone and GDS connected to?

I assume the DND phone beeps. If this is the case, then it may be related to the DND process.

There are two types of DND implementation - at the PBX and at the phone. If the codes are not synchronized between the phone and the PBX such that both show a DND condition, then only the phone is set to DND. What may be happening is that the INVITE reached the phone and it starts the ring process and then realizes it is on DND and sends a 486 busy message back in reply.

If the PBX is synchronized with the phone such that when the phone is set to DND it also sends a message to the PBX to let it know that the extension is DND, then any INVITE will be stopped at the PBX before reaching the phone and as a result the phone will not peep at all.

Is the GDS actually calling 3 phone or is the GDS really calling a ring group and the PBX is passing the call to the ring group?

The GDS only sends an INVITE to the destination you set and if there is a ring group, queue or other, then the PBX is handling that aspect, not the GDS.


Is the GDS calling three extensions or a ring group?

From what you’re describing, it sounds like it’s dialing the extensions directly.

Should work as expected if you change to a ring group.


Hi, thanks for the replies.

Setup is quite simple. The GDS calls in parallel mode 3 phones at the same time, I configured the direct IP addresses so I have live video preview. Works perfectly, unless one is on DND.

No PBX between.

If one phone is on DND, the external unit (GDS) is beeping 3 times. I created a ticket and GS says this is normal behavior and there is no option to turn it off. Annoying as clients or guests at the front door are kinda scared about the three loud beeps. Sounds a little bit like an alarm. People are afraid that they pushed a wrong button :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

if I go the SIP route through my OpenPBX it will not beep even though I have a DND. But I have no live video preview.


This look like a bug.
DND return busy so it seems that GDS interpret this for all calls.

You have newest fw in gds ? IF not then upgrade.


This is expected, the GDS3710 beeps three time reminding there is an error.

  1. Direct IP call is involved in the setting, there is NO PBX. So all the server related process are not available. So forget about SIP reply 486 or ring group, this is IP peering call, a hacking basically, for simplicity.

  2. The parallel hunting when door bell pressed is nothing more than sending INVITE to all the IP addresses simutenously as NO IPPBX involved.

  3. Put one phone to DND mode is like that account is blank and NOT be active when doing IP Peering call, The GDS3710 will treat this as error and beep three times to reminding an issue. If you have multiple IPs there, the one with DND will reply 486 this causing GDS3710 beeping while other phones will ring.

  4. As mentioned in UM, if the phone or callee is designed to OPEN DOOR, then VoiceMail and DND should NOT configured in the 1st place. Because GDS3710 has no HANDSET to handup, only ending active call is TIME OUT.

  5. If want use normal phone features, please set up IPPBX, then server will know which phone is off line, DND, VM, etc. such abnormal will not happen.

Again, keep in mind Direct IP Call is just like simple hacking, the phone is client and only process inbound SIP invite and response only once then stops there. More interactive SIP requires IPPBX involved.

@neothehacker: For your case, if one of the three phones does not want to take the responsibility of open door, then please remove that IP from the configuration; or ask the user to Power OFF the phone (so no SIP response will be generated) to avoid generating error beeps in GDS3710.

Hope this helps and explains why there is three beeps (same beeps will happen if swiping wrong or inactive RFID card or input wrong PIN, this is per design).

Thank you for using GDS3710.


Thanks a lot! makes sense. Although it would be wonderful to have a switch to turn off these “system” sounds. And actually if I turn down the system volume to 0 nothing to hear but this also applies to voice :frowning:

That is now the missing piece to my perfect solution.
I have an OpenPBX instance running which does the job except for Video Preview on all 3 phones. So changed back to direct call.


The “Preview” feature is just “Early Media”. If you have OpenPBX, you may try to turn on the support of early media in OpenPBX side to make this work.

Will send the feedback to engineering for consideration, please bare to the current behavior and try to avoid the beeps.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


Now how do I do this with a UCM Ring Group?


@drostoker: Assuming with all latest firmware for the UCM and Videophones, you can configure either parallel hunting group in UCM and input the hunting group number into GDS3710 as doorbell number, or simply select “parallel hunting” in the door bell call mode in GDS3710 and input those extensions into the “Number called when door bell pressed” field with comma to seperate them.

In the IP Video Phone side, you have to configure in the “Call Settings” “Remote Video Request” to “Accept” and the “Auto Preview” to “Yes”.

Same applied to GXP phones, except GXP21xx color phones support early media by default and no UI settings for that, but need to configure “open door button” in “Settings => External Service”

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!


Thanks @GS_Guy. I remember running into an issue with the GXVs where they were showing the video but th phones did not ring (this was with AXIS door phones mind you). It was a huge problem. If I do as you say with respect to the GXVs will they still ring?


@drostoker: If it is “direct IP call” in GDS3710 or UCM ring group, the answer is: YES.
I have personally tested and confirmed these two cases are working beautifully.

Thank you for using Grandstream products!


Make sure you are using latest firmware of course. :grinning:


@GS_Guy I can’t seem to get this to work.

  • GDS3710 at

  • GXP3240 at

  • The GDS sends a SIP call to the UCM via a Ring Group extension. The RG is set to Ring Simultaneously the two GXPs

  • The GXPs have been configured with Call Settings Start Video Automatically = Yes and Remote Video Request = Accept

When I push the doorbell button it rings both phones but I get the the Video Answer | Audio Answer | Reject screen rather than a video preview with the accept/reject options.

What am I missing?



@drostoker: Since UCM/RingGroup is involved, the key point you did not mentioned here.

  1. What kind of UCM, UCM61xx or UCM62xx. UCM61xx is EOL so no new feature will be there. If it is UCM62xx, make sure it is

  2. For GXV3240, make sure In the “Account X” related “Call Settings”, the “Auto Preview” is set to “YES”, this is the setting to turn on early media for “preview”, NOT those parameters you mentioned above.

If you do not have UCM62xx with latest firmware, just input the extensions or IPs into the “Press Door Bell to Call” field and seperate them with “,”, no space required, and select in the “Door Bell Call Mode” the pull down choice “Parallel Hunting”, NO RING GROUP required and GDS will do the trick.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


@GS_Guy The system I am working on is a UCM6204 with the latest firmware.

The GDS3710 is set to call a Ring Group. Right now the Ring Group consists of 1 single extension which rings on Account 3 of the GXV3775.

The GDS is set to send out Stream 2 and I have made the two changes to the GXV config you asked for.

When I press the doorbell button, not only do I not get a video preview, but I don’t get any video when I answer the call.

When I tried having the GDS call the GXV ext directly, I get the same results.

Any ideas?


@drostoker: Let’s try use direct IP call first, basically input the IP and port of GXV3375 to see whether it works. Here is something need to check:

  1. GXV3375 set “Use Random Port” to “NO”
  2. GDS3710 Door Bell input set: “IP_of_GXV3375:5064” (since you mentioned using Account 3. Account 3 has to set “Active” even the SIP Server field is Blank).
  3. H.264 video profile both side has to be the same, try “Main Profle” first, if not working, try “Baseline”.

Please advise whether this works. If the peer IP call case working, then we can move to test the case UCM involved.

Please advise. Thanks for using GDS3710!


Solved the video issue; I had the wrong Codec (this wasn’t an issue with the GXP2170 as I guess it is not using that Codec for this).

I can call the Ring Group and both phones (GXP2170 and GXV3275) both show the video preview.

Now I am back to my original questions/issue - when the GXV gets a call from the GDS is rings for what seems like part of a ring, and the video shows on the screen, it stops ringing. The GXP continues to ring like a normal phone call. What I am trying to achieve is to have the GXV act like the GXP; that is show the preview and continue to ring until someone answers the call or it times-out.

Please advise.

Thanks for your support.


Selected wrong preview in 3275.


Thanks. That works.

Too many parameters in too many places with these phones…