GDS3710 as a connected doorbell


i want to use a GDS3710 as a connected video doorbell
1.i’d like my actual doorbell to chime when the button is pressed,
i saw on this video that it would be possible:

(around 27min)
on settings there is an option both call dorbell number + control doorbell output

my actual doorbel is a 220v doorbell, can i plug it directly on the gds , replacing my actual button?
if yes where? i don’t see a digital output 1 on this wireing diagram :

2.i’d like to be able to connect to the GDS from anywhere to see who’s on the door and speak with it,
and i’d like to receive a push notification when someone push the button, i don’t have all that SIP account stuff, can i do without ? i saw i have to use GS Wave, can i simply register the GDS as an IP adress (with port forwarding on my router) to acces and receive notification & call ?

thanks for your clarification


To answer your question:

  1. Yes, you can do that. If you see the “Door System Settings -> Basic Settings -> Doorbell Mode”, there are three choices: Call Doorbell Number; Doorbell Output Control(Digital Output 1); Both Above. If you want your doorbell ringing only, select 2nd; or you can choose “Both Above”.

For wiring: NO, the GDS will NOT provide any voltage to your 220v doorbell, it has to have its own power supply. What you connected to the Alarm_Out 1 (Com1 Port) is just like a normal doorbell switch, it just function as connecting the circuit when doorbel pressed to ring the bell, it can NOT provide any juice to your doorbell. Connect the two wires from your doorbell (has own power) just like connect it to the normal button switch.

  1. You can configure SMTP agent so whenever doorbell pressed or door opened, your will get email with attachment of snapshot. Or setup local FTP server to store all the snapshots, or both.

You do NOT need SIP stuff for the GDS to function although with SIP it will do more advanced feature. Unfortunately, without port fowarding, you cannot see the video from outside your router unless you have SIP proxy configured.

That said, you can treat GDS as just a pure IP camera, then you configure it with static IP and port forwarding, you can then use free APPs like “IP Cam Viewer” to view the GDS from anywhere, without SIP configured. If using GSWave, you have to use SIP proxy unless it is in LAN via WiFi (which is limited usage scene).

If you already have GDS3710, make sure to upgrade to latest firmware version. For GDS3710, the latest firmware is, which will be release in couple of days.

Hope this helps. If you have further question, please open a ticket and contact Grandstream support.

Thank you for your interest to GDS3710 product.


Hello and thanks for your reply
Regarding 1. My Chime is already 230v powered i just want to replace my switch, is it ok if it is 230v or do i have to use a relay?
Regarding 2. How can i “Call” the gds from outside lan with 2 way audio without sip is it possible ?

Helpdesk : no way to register might be a bug


For Q1, you should have a door bell switch already. But I am a little concern about the 230V. The interface or relay in GDS3710 has specification of 125V, with max. 60Watt power limitation. Not sure how big is the current in your 230V doorbell, it should be less than 300mA otherwise your doorbell could toast the GDS3710 Alarm_Out1 (or COM1) interface. Also, all the connections in the back board of GDS3710 (that green piece with all the wiring socket) are ALL lower voltage connections while you put 230V high voltage there, if not protected or connected well, could have the risk of short circuits and toast all the PINs affected.

I don’t know where you are but all doorbell in US are binding US Electrical Code and are NOT more than 36V, most are either 24V or 12V.

Because the Chime is not expensive (about 1/10 price of GDS3710), I really suggest you replace that 230V Chime.

You may make it work with GDS3710 if the whole Chime power consumption is less than 60Watt, but you have to pay extra caution and do protection in the wiring/connection. And if short circuit or accident happens, you are on your own. (Because high voltage is NOT recommended to be used in lower voltage electrical appliance as the design is totally different).

For Q2, unless you have static public IP or FQDN domain, it is quite NORMAL you cannot call into your router because of NAT and your router will DROP all the incoming packets and that is exactly how router should do (unless you have IPv6). This is network issue, nothing to do with GDS3710 or ANY device behind your router. If you can configure your router or configure the network in the right way and resolve the domian issue, then the “Call” should be OK to get through. Or like all the Service Provider, all registered to “Cloud” or public Internet, where server will resolve all the NAT issue and will be the proxy to re-link all the parties.

For the Helpdesk, I did not know what happened, but here is the Register Link, please try again:

Thank you for your interest to GDS371xx products.