GDS3710 and SIPML5



I bought the GDS3710 which is great product.

I can’t make it work with SIPML5 and asterisk (communication OK but no audio / video => black screen)

Is it compatible with these programs?

Thank you



@benoitd54: I don’t know SIPML5 but Asterisk should work. If you are talking about video, you have to configure Asterisk support video and configure the correct profile used in the H.264 video codec, as well as correct payload type, etc. Hope this helps.

Also, if you have Grandstream GXV3275 SIP video phone, you can configure it to work with GDS3710 without IPPBX, just use IP peering or direct IP call should work.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710.


The GDS3710 itself does not support WebRTC, so for SIPML5 you would need a SIP PBX in between that translates from SIP over WebRTC to SIP over UDP/TCP.


@AllUp :+1: Thanks for the explanation!