GDS3710 and GSC3570 http request for Door 2?



I have a GDS3710 doorphone and GSC3570 and I was wondering if there’s any way I could use the « Door 2 » during the call between the 2 units to control an http controlled relay?

To have on screen during the call:

Door 1: GDS Relay
Door 2: HTTP request

I have an home automation system and with an http call I can open the car gate but unfortunately I had to add it as another external service and to see the button to open I have to make a call to an SIP number from the GSC3570 to get the button showing during the call.

I tried to add it as HTTP URL for the GDS service but with no luck.


  1. GDS3710 have three ways to control relay: Local, Web Relay (HTTP request) and GSC3570. But it can NOT be mixed. Means you cannot use local and HTTP at the same time. Unless you are sending HTTP to GDS3710 to control local relay, that is different thing.
  2. If both doors are wired to GDS3710 to control them, then GSC3570 will show two door buttons when call established, press related one can control related door opening, if External Service configured correctly.
  3. You do not need SIP Server to make this work, all using static IPs if all device in the same LAN, this is actually more simple and reliable.
  4. If 2) is true, then GSC3570 can control two doors, either with SIP call or no SIP call at all. (New firmware allow you to add the two buttons at idle screen or Desktop of GSC3570 and press the button will open the door directly without establish SIP call, this feature is requested by customer and implemented already in latest firmware). Please check out related Release Note or User Manual, which can be found in official website.

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Sorry for pushing again this topic. But nevertheless I can’t figure out how to configure a http request with a included button at the desktop or during a SIP Call.
I’m using the GSC3570 with a 3th party doorsystem (Mobotix) and without of the http everything works well. To my understood it isn’t possible to use the http request during or parallel to a SIP Call from the doorentry-system.
But regarding to the manual it should be possible to add a button to trigger the url setting out of the idle screen.

Hope you can help. The advance would be the possibility to open the door without a previous call.



What is the requirement for Mobotix HTTP open door? Any special command or password security involved? Usually this kind of 3rd party integration will never be successful until all parties involved IOT and fix related issue involved.

We don’t have Mobotix device, if you have any technical requirement document or HTTP API of Mobotix, please share them so we can take a look to see whether this is feasible.

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@ETM, @sitect:

GSC3570 latest version has added the “Speed Dial” and “HTTP URL” features, it is now under QA testing and pending to release after passing QA. Here is the screenshot of the configuration page:

If you have interest, please send email to me for testing and playing around this firmware before it published.

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Hallo @GS_Guy and thank you for the fast responce

The shown picture seems to be the missing function but didn’t show how to implement the wanted function.

There is only a softbutton needed which does trigger your shown url request at the mobotix system. This Mobotix door-system (or even all cameras by mobotix) can listen to user defined requests like ) http:///control/rcontrol?action=sigout&profile=~Door. If needed you can send a user and password for authentification.

Previous I tried to use the “External Function” to add this, but it doesn’t work.

At least I would be very proud to get the beta-version for testing.


How can I send you my contact? Are you able to see my email adress. I won’t publish this in public


@ETM: The FW1.0.5.21 has released to BETA, it passed our QA testing, feel free to download the play with it to see whether the implementation meets your requirement. Feel free to provide any feedback and will continue to improve: