GDS3710 and Asterisk, no video preview


I have a bunch of GDS3710 <=> Asterisk 15 <=> WP820
Everything works fine (audio and video) except video preview before picking up the handset on WP820
please tell me an example configuration for an asterisk


I am not sure or recall Asterisk supporting the “Preview” or in another word “Early Media”. Please enable early media support in your Asterisk, otherwise the feature will not work.

OR, you can configure GDS3710, WP820 using direct IP call in IP Peering mode, then the preview feature will work good by default if configured.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!


Ok. How can i configure DP750 and GDS3710 for direct ip call to DP720?
On DP750 “Settings/Network Settings/External Services” i add GDS settings for one account. During a call from the GDS3710 (sip via asterisk, non SIP P2P), the “Open” button appears, but when pressed on it nothing happens