GDS3710 - 3CX configuration - Video



Hello we configured succesfully the GDS3710 with 3CX , we receive the voice call, but we don’t recieve the video stream in the 3CX softphone.
Any idea how to configure the GDS3710 / 3CX so it works with video streaming ?


Try GS_Wave soft client. Thanks.


Or check if you enabled H.264 codec with correct payload (99 by default AFAIR)


Hallo Johan71 uit Gent,

hebben exact hetzelfde probleem momenteel. Heb je het kunnen oplossen ondertussen? Zo ja hoe?
Ik heb wel kunnen vast stellen dat wanneer ik de GDS naar het IP adres laat bellen dat ik beeld heb op de GXP. Het elektrisch slot werkt dan weer niet.
Wanneer ik laat bellen naar de extensie werkt het slot en heb ik geluid, maar heb ik weer geen beeld. Ik heb wel de firmwares moeten upgraden van onze GXP telefoons en de GDS.
Hopelijk kan je mij antwoorden.



Hello Johan from Gent,

we are having just the same problem. Did you already solved the problem. In Case Yes, how did you do it?
When the GDS calls to the IP adress, then I have visual on the GXP. The elctrical lock is not working at this moment. When the GDS calls to the extension number of the phone, I have sound, the lock works, but I have no visual. I did the upgrades of the GDS and the phones.
Hope to hear you soon.




  1. For 3CX no video issue, if the H.264 coded enabled in the 3CX and the payload is right, make sure the SIP proxy also support video codec, then please configure GDS in the SIP advanced setting using 3rd stream as SIP call stream (default is 2nd stream) and reduce the bit rate to min. (like 128kbps) and frame rate to 5FP, I-Frame to 20, see what happen. Sometimes the huge burst data might be the issue.
  2. When GDS as Caller the Callee is IP address, make sure you enable the DTMF open door (default disabled), also make sure the White List is NOT checked.
  3. When GDS as Caller the Callee is extension, make sure your SIP Proxy (3CX in your case?) can transparently passing the SIP INFO Header without remove or modify it (this is Asterisk issue), then you will see the video in the GXP phone side.

If you do a wireshark trace coming the working one and not working one for the SIP Header, you will know what I mean.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


I did make it work in one time.
It is not that difficult.
And you can choose between video or audio.
Use the GSwave app and it works fine.


Hi, i am having trouble setting up my 3710 with 3cx. it wont seem to register with each other. any help would be great.


Nice post


@majjam13: Is the 3CX and GDS in the same LAN or 3CX is outside of firewall in WAN? Try testing both GDS and 3CX in the same LAN; when it working, then try configure the NAT or Proxy to make it work. This way you will rule out the NAT/Proxy issue which in most case causing the device not register. Hope this helps. Good luck and thank you for using GDS3710.