GDS3705 Trusted CA Certificates


Can you tell me how to upload a Trusted CA Certificate into GDS3705 door entry devices?

Our virus software blocks us from logging into the devices because there are no certificates installed.



The manual has some details on the matter and your threat protection software should have the ability for exceptions so that it understands that this particular device/IP as well as any others needed or even LAN network (IP should be reserved or static) is trusted to the extent that not having a cert is not an issue.


Yes, but the manual only talks about uploading a certificate. It doesn’t explain how to get a certificate in the first place. GDS370x Settings>Maintenance Settings>Certificates.

Please can Grandstream generate a certificate for the GDS3705, and let me have the file so I can upload it to our GDS3705 devices?


Do a forum search as most of the devices use the same CA format. It may depend on whose certs you want to use as there may be a needed conversion.


Good idea but I couldn’t find anything helpful


Your initial post queried how to upload a certificate. Not how to obtain a cert.

Is the GDS exposed to the public from a network perspective? What I am driving at is that the initial port was about the threat software not liking the lack of the connection being secure. So, it raises the question if a local host certificate is needed or something at the overall domain level?


You are absolutely right. My mistake, sorry.
In the last 30 mins I’ve discovered how to generate a certificate and upload it, and there are now no problems with access.
Thanks for your kind help


Then, perhaps you would be kind enough to elaborate on what you did to solve in order to assist others who may find themselves in a similar situation?

I for one, do not have a GDS.


Sure, I’ll try. This is for Windows 10.

  1. Enter the IP address of the device in your browser.
  2. Click “view certificate” in the virus protection software window that displays the warning message not to proceed.
  3. In the Certificate Information window that then appears click the Details tab.
  4. Select the Copy to File… button
  5. In the Certificate Export Wizard that appears click the Next button.
  6. In the Export File Format window select the file format you want to use, e.g. DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER).
  7. Click the Next button.
  8. Specify a file name you want for the certificate.
  9. Click the Browse button to select a file location and insert the file name.
  10. Click Save in the Windows Explorer window.
  11. This will give a full you a full path name for the file.
  12. Click the Next button.
  13. Click the Finish button.
  14. Should see a pop up saying The export was successful.
  15. Find the certificate file and upload it into the GDS: Maintenance>Certificates. Should see a GDS message in green saying Operation successful