GDS3705 Schedule Keep Door Open


Our site has 4 GDS3705’s. I need to have the main Lobby door open from 0800 -> 17:00 M-F.
When I select the Lobby door in GDSmanager Device–> Configuration and set “Schedule Open Door”, save, the schedule is applied to all doors.
Is there a way to have the schedule apply to only the Lobby door 3705?


I’m not sure about
But you can set scheduler plan in GDS section too. I think create new plan and schedule to this one.


Thank you Marcin. I set schedule in in the GDSManager. When I apply to Front door (always open during business hours), it sets that schedule to all doors.


You might need to open a ticket with Grandstream; seems like a bug to me.


Thank you. I have opened a ticket.
No response yet.


The GDSManager will synchronize and set schedule for all GDS controlled. If you have GDS needs different schedule, you can synchronize with GDSManager first, then log into the GDS to disable “Central Mode” so it will NOT synchronized and managered by GDSManager (but all the card information, PIN etc. already pulled into this GDS), Then you log into the GDS to manually revise the schedule, save it. That should do the trick.

GDS is designed to work and controlled by GDSManager, as well as work independently without GDSManager.

Thank you for using GDS37XX products.