GDS3705 new firmware for BETA tester evaluation



Dear Beta Testers:

Please find GDS3705 new firmware for your evaluation.
Please continue to provide your valuable feedback so Grandstream can continue to improve the quality of this product.

Firmware package:

Release Notes:

Config Template:

Note: Local upgrade is recommended. Please use the GS Upgrade Tool to upgrade firmware locally. This helps avoid Internet or power interruption that may brick the device during firmware upgrading process.






Nice to have 4 accounts, but how can i specify to call XXXX umber via Account 4 ?
Normally i would think: XXXX:P4/A4 (similar to gateways forward where you specify account).


Please check out the release note. Because GDS3705 does not have LINE KEY like those GXP IP phones, you have to pre-configure these in the “Card Management”, so when you dial the digits (Virtual Number), the matched digits will be sent out via the pre-configured SIP account (assuming the SIP Proxy is working and the account is registered).


Can you make PHONEBOOK instead of internal callers via card management ?
Also i would like to use multiple reach for 1 user like follow me in UCM series, can you add this ?