GDS3705 Install Help


Hi… i have one of these to install… simple setup

I have the 3705 to hook up via POE and then i have a door with an electric 12 sticker that opens the latch when it is given power.

The manual show various setup ways but some include other things like buttons and the wiring diagram is confusing.

Can someone help me on what wires go from the 12v power supply to go to the lock and to the 3705 please.



HI there,

please take a look here. Power GDS with poe, supply external 12v power to the lock


Thanks for replying

Ok so just some more questions.

  1. The lock is a latch. Basically when it is given power it releases and the door can be opened… one opened and pushed back the latch will re latch itself… is that NC or NO please

  2. The diagram you sent has 2 versions first has teh + connected to the COM2 and the other has the - connected to the COM2… what is the difference for that please?

  1. Normal Open, NC would would be something like Meglock.
  2. It doesn’t really matter here which way you install it, take a look at the polarity of the diode. it travels from positive to negative. But generally, think of the circuit, relay just makes either open or closed connection,
    that’s all, my advice, just buy door strike and play with it on the test bench.