GDS3705 DTMF to open door not working


I have the GDS3705 calling a sip cordless phone (panicsonic model KX-TGP550T08) inside the building and on answer by the inside phone I can establish two speech. When I enter the “remote pin to open door” number (with or without a # at the end) on the inside phone the output 2 relay does not change state.
When the inside phone enters the pin it can be heard on the GDS3705. Local pin to open door also does not change the relay state either. here is an image of he setup: What am I doing wrong?


What relay contacts did you connect the door power to?


I am testing the 3 terminals labelled “2 Lock” which offers a NC/COM/NO, and testing across both COM/NC or COM/NO I can see no change when I enter the DTMF. By the way, I assume that this is a relay, do you know its current switching ability?


1a claimed … I think it is more check the notes in the manual.


The reference to COM/NO = Common and Normally Open contact and COM/NC = Common and Normally Closed contact.


The fix was to set the phone inside the building to be DTMF out of band

  • Now there is no sound from the GDS when the PIN is entered inside the building and the relay activates as expected

the “Local pin to open door” is also working it always was - we were not prefixing the pin with a *, RTFM issue :slight_smile:


@loyaltolex: Good to hear that and thanks for the update! Thank you for using GDS37XX products.