GDS3705 Code to open and lock door


We have a customer who has a GDS3705 Doorphone and is working as expected. They are requesting a way to enter a code that will unlock the door until the same code or another code is entered to lock the door. Any help would be appreciated.



under door system settings there is Local PIN to Open Door that you could use, ( *code#) to unlock.
Unlock Holding Time(s) will lock the door automatically after so many seconds.
If you want multiple codes , use car management ad you may create as many pins as you want


But is there a code to lock the door. The way you said is how he currently is using it but say the unlock time is 4 hrs and he leaves in 3 hrs he has no way of locking the door. He is wanting to know if there is a code that will lock the door if it is already unlocked…


Can you post door setting screenshot



He has started using the Immediate door open right know. I was able to use a schedule and the emergency pin and that works except it disabled the schedule. He just wants to be able to unlock the door and lock the door with a code. Thank You





there is not pin to lock the door. But you either can reduce time in immediate open door or use Schedule Open door and adjust to work schedule.

You may issue feature request to GS support.
Good luck


Can you direct me to how to submit a future request?


in forum, make subject with


Open a help desk ticket


@Joe.Sellers: Are you saying your customer want a special code or similar action to:

  1. Input the code to REVERST previous door status and KEEP it until same (or different) code entered AGAIN.
  2. This code(s) function like a Ping-Pong switch to OPEN/CLOSE the door?

This will be new feature because currently not supported and not sure how many customers will use such feature.

Could you help to advise the application and usage scenes in details? If this feature can be used by other customers, a feature quest will be filed to engineering.

Thank you very much for using GDS37XX