Gds3705 ( known issues



Firmware Version: Date: 2/26/2018

 Dingdong door bell sound delayed playing out quite a lot comparing to GDS3710
 Continuously swiping invalid cards will sometime cause “pu” noise from speaker.
 When doorbell volume set to 0 still hearing the ring back tone.
 Playing Prompt Audio from Proxy/UCM sometimes distorted.

 Zero Config Feature with UCM is not yet implemented.
 Sending repeating registration packets to Server when receiving Terminate/Notify message.
 Dual Mic function is invalid.
 GDS Keypad input as Weigand output still not working yet.
 Silent Alarm to SIP phone still playing siren at phone side after pressing keypad at phone side
 WebGUI limitation for Alarm Phone List and White List is not applied to P value import files and no error report generated when limitation overflow during the file import or restore.


Not sure what you mean by this, but we had someone sit there for five minutes and continuously bounce an invalid RFID card off the panel. It did it’s “triple beep” invalid signal repeatedly, sometimes overlapping with itself, but never did anything that sounded “odd.”


This is random low possibility issue, you have to swipping cards thousand of time quickly to make it happen. Basically the speaker will be distorted by low frequency noise. This is detected by our automatic QA testing procedures and in real world hard to duplicate. This is fixed in later firmware. Thanks for the feedback!