GDS3701 vs Viking G5


Good night. I have 24 GXV3370 devices working perfectly.

I just bought a GDS3710 callbos and would like to use it to open my Gate with Viking G5.

Looking at the manual just checked Wiring Sample for Electric Strike.

Can anyone help me with this integration?

Callbos only rings on pre-assigned extensions.

But I can’t open the gate.


@andrealmc: Please check out below resource center or HOWTO guides, do some homework. If still having issue, please ask specific question so people can help you. Or open help desk ticket with Grandstream if it is very technical issue.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


This is my doubt. GDS is plugged into a PoE switch. He touches my GXV device. When I answer and choose to open the gate, nothing happens. Just plug the GDS straight into the Viking board? I found no wire diafram example for this.

which cables should I connect to GDS to send the command to open the Viking G5 gate ?



@andrealmc: I am not familiar with the Viking G5 Gate Controller, if you can provide more details or vendor’s link of User Manual, I might be able to tell in more specific.

But the snapshot you attached can also tell something. My suggestion is wiring NO(or NC)/COM2 of GDS3710 to “Fire/GND” in the Viking. And enable DTMF open door in the configuration of GDS3710, and configure special feature in GXV3275 so you can see and press the soft button in the video phone to open the door.

Where using NO/COM2 or NC/COM2, you can test connection with the Viking, see which connection works.

The GDS3710 will send out voltage via its built-in relay in NO/NC/COM2 socket combination, once it received open door command via: RFIC card, Local PIN via keypad, Remote PIN via SIP Call, or some Alarm_In hard signal via a open door switch, or 3rd party Weigand interface. There should be one falling in to your case.

Hope this helps. Please advise whether this works. Good luck and thank you for using GDS3710!